Welcome to the web site of IAAC—the Israeli Association for Automatic Control. IAAC's main goal and focus is the promotion of Automatic Control theory, practice, and education in Israel. This web site presents an overview of IAAC, describes its organized meetings and workshops—past and present—and provides general information about control-related events and activities in Israel. We hope that you will find this information useful, and invite you to be an active participant.

Forthcoming Events

Nov 4, 2019 IAAC workshop “Foundations of Formation Control: Theory and Applications”
Speakers: Profs. Dan Zelazo, Technion and Angelo Cenedese, University of Padua
Organizer: Prof. Dan Zelazo, Technion
Location: Daniel Hotel, Herzliya
Jan 27, 2020 The Israel Navigation Workshop and Exhibition (INWE20)
Organizers: Dr. Héctor Rotstein, RAFAEL and Prof. Vadim Indelman, Technion
Location: Daniel Hotel, Herzliya
May 4, 2020 GSC'20 — Graduate Students in Systems and Control
Organizers: Dr. Anatoly Khina and Prof. Michael Margaliot, TAU
Location: School of Electrical Eng., Tel Aviv University

For additional details on IAAC workshops and meetings see the Events section.

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