The Israeli Association for Automatic Control  is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of research, practice, and education in all areas of automatic control in Israel, while emphasizing nation's needs. To meet these goals, IAAC proactively

  • organizes professional lectures, courses and workshops
  • promotes information exchange between the various organizations involved with automatic control
  • promotes collaboration with organizations involved with automatic control in Israel and abroad

IAAC is the Israeli National Member Organization (NMO) in the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC). Its delegates represent Israel in IFAC meetings held once in three years, concurrent with the World Congress.

Representing Israel, IAAC is a member of IAIN, The International Association of Institutes of Navigation.


IAAC was founded in the early 60's by a group of Controls people from the Technion and from MoD / RAFAEL—Armament Development Authority. Among the founders were Dr. Shani and Dr. Ze'ev Bonen (RAFAEL); Prof. Shmuel Merhav, at the time a senior scientist at RAFAEL and later a member of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the Technion; Dr. Yedidya Shamir, who was, at the time, Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Defense; and Prof. Julius Preminger of the Technion, who was later elected IAAC chairman.

Past Presidents:

Chairmen (prior to 1978):

  • Eliezer Kreindler
  • Raphael Sivan
  • Shmuel Merhav
  • Julius Preminger

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